The lady behind Verily Phyllis.

Why did you start this website?
I am a keen amateur photographer and lover of style and culture and it was always in my plan to start posting my photos and writing.

The best time to start anything is… whenever! When you’re busy, when you don’t feel like it, when you’re upset – even that can be the best time to start doing something. Every blogger enriches the world with his or her little quirks and interesting outlook on life. 

What is your background in design?

“Everything has to start somewhere, and it’s usually small.” 
– Natalie Massenet 

Being a bit of an anglophile, I knew I wanted to do my design education in the UK. Fortunately, I got a place at my Textiles degree course of choice. This is my second degree, my first one was in Liberal Arts.

Thanks for dropping by readers!

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