Escape To Edinburgh

We came by train.
We saw stunning scenery.
We conquered Arthur’s Seat.

edinburgh travels

And along the way, my friend Laura and I ate some delicious food.

Arthur’s Seat overlooks part of the city including some buildings and a cemetery.

Edinburgh is the perfect mix of medieval romance, breathtaking nature, with just the right amount of modern necessities like restaurants and shops.

On Royal Mile: love the pop of jade green on the copper domes.

Easily one of the best trips I’ve ever had. Just goes to show that there are more amazing places in the world than the usual big cities. Edinburgh has a cerebral appeal that is very peaceful and conducive to creative work. JK Rowling herself wrote Harry Potter in this city. And everywhere you go, you feel its almost otherworldly atmosphere.

Medieval stone-walled buildings accented with toothpaste green scaffolding. This sort of juxtaposition is right up my medieval alley!

We got off the bus early as we caught a glimpse of this stunning view on the outskirts of the city from a bridge.

A mirrorless or DSLR camera would certainly come in handy in picturesque Edinbrugh if you are a serious hobbyist photographer.

And for serious art lovers who are after a bit of work by the Old Masters. Edinburgh will not disappoint. This small but precious canvas is part of Degas’ well-known body of work depicting dancers.

A Group of Dancers by Edgar Degas at the Scottish National Gallery.
The blue textured gallery wall really accentuates the green background in Degas’ work.

After spending time in the Scottish National Gallery, we hopped on over to the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Both galleries are pretty much right in the middle of town, not too far from the main train station, which make for ideal spots in terms of itinerary planning.

Rivals any space in leading galleries of London or Paris: Portraiture of aristocratic ladies on a gorgeous, dusty pink wall.
Interiors spotting: all the colours and materials are different but work so well together.

I was most pleasantly surprised by the space inside the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Whilst it houses lots of original, medieval fixtures, furniture and lighting, some of the gallery spaces are very contemporary. Almost as if you could be inside a fancy department store – except everything is free for the eyes to feast on.

And how often does one come across a favourite restaurant by chance? That happened to me and my Colombian friend on this trip. During our week-long getaway from London to Edinburgh, we dined here almost everyday.

Churros all day – every meal.

We couldn’t believe such a great Spanish tapas restaurant was only a short walk away from our accommodation. Stellar food served by friendly staff in a bright and airy space. Every single tapas we ordered was delicious and also churros with chocolate sauce served daily until 5 pm. Need I say more?

Sharing (or not sharing) platter: Chorizo, sausage, Manchego cheese, served with pan tumaca.

Serrano and Manchego

297 Leith Walk

Edinburgh EH6 8SA


Update: This establishment has closed due to rising costs amid a general downturn in the restaurant sector. They will be missed.

Soda pop of neon:. Mexican sodas Jarritos are delicious.

This Mexican restaurant was another place we had dinner at. We were lucky to get the only window seat in the house. The food was tasty, the menu was simple and easy to understand. Just all around a very pleasant dining experience.

Simple, casual food at its best: shrimp tacos and lime soda.

Mixed emotions: crunchy, tender, warm, chocolatey, and sweet.

You didn’t think we would end the meal without churros, did ya? These tasted just as good as they look.


62 Elm Row

Edinburgh EH7 4AQ


Update: This venue has closed, but they may be relocating to another site soon. Keep an eye out for them.

Don’t people say that familiarity breeds contempt? I don’t think this applies to food. We had some cappuccino and scones. Not anything standout, but a good solid afternoon tea.

We ended our trip with some good old English tea. Just something comforting and familiar before our journey back to London. I always like to try cafes inside galleries. This one is conveniently situated walking distance from the train station.


Scottish National Galleries

The Mound

Edinburgh EH2 2EL

And that’s a wrap for my first trip to Edinburgh. I wish I had visited Lake District too, but didn’t have enough time. Nevertheless, I hope my readers enjoyed this travelogue. Comment below any thoughts or suggestions you may have.

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