Portraits at the V&A

There’s a sort of catch-22 when it comes to social media. It can be incredibly rewarding in terms of getting our work out there and making meaningful connections with people. But it is also a little very distracting. However, when I do invest in time to write social media posts, I’m often pleasantly surprised by the connections and feedback I gain as a result.

↑ Photo above: Stairway to the stuff of art history legends.

Recently, I had some portraits taken at the Victoria & Albert Museum. I’m so pleased to share some of my favourites here.

I’ve been using Moleskine notebooks for quick sketches. The pages are an off-white colour, quite thin and smooth.

It was so nice to come out of my dark winter garments into bright spring clothes. Loved wearing this red Minnie Mouse -esque blouse.

A completely unplanned but brilliant photo: the female gaze.

The “male gaze” is a concept in feminist theory that I learnt from my cultural studies lectures. It refers to the way women are often represented in the media: they are framed as objects of visual interest and desire for the heterosexual male. But in this photograph, the usual gender dynamics seem to be reversed. Dear readers, how would you analyse this photo? Who has more power? The nude statue that is positioned above me, or myself who is fully clothed and “objectifying” the male figure with my gaze?

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